The art of communication makes you a good person

14 Jan by admin

The art of communication makes you a good person

The art of communication makes you a good person

According to foreign research, popular people generally have the following characteristics: Listening is more important than expression, they think that others are proprietary, but not too modest. When they make mistakes, they have the courage to admit and confess frankly, and do not make excuses for their wrongdoing.Please court others and cherish your time with others.

  The unpopular personality traits are: disrespect for others, self-centeredness, too utilitarian, too dependent, and strong jealousy, inferiority, extreme, shrinking, introverted and out of hostility.

  The skills of communication and communication are two things, and they are an art.

This knowledge includes the norms, etiquette, customs, habits that must be followed in interpersonal communication, as well as communication skills and personality art.

For example, interpersonal addressing should be appropriate, visits should be polite, festive celebrations should be complimented, personal attitude should be sincere, and jokes and humor must be measured.

In addition, good communication attitude and psychological preparation are also very important.

  From a psychological perspective, the key to improving interpersonal relationships is first to learn to think in other places and treat yourself as someone else.

That is to treat your own gains and losses with shame, and treat your gains and losses with others, and do not affect interpersonal relationships due to changes in your emotions; second, treat others as yourself.

A person can understand the urgency of others and the pain of others only by putting himself in through role swapping. Third, treat others as others.

That is, respecting others, not interfering with each other’s individuals, and not offending each other’s personal space; fourth, treat yourself as yourself.

This means building self-esteem and self-confidence on the basis of self-knowledge, strengthening strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and getting along with others more maturely.