P: The old couple has a lot of trouble sharing it!

4 Jan by admin

P: The old couple has a lot of trouble sharing it!

P: The old couple has a lot of trouble sharing it!

Nowadays, many couples are living in separate houses, and many of them are retired at home.

So, from the perspective of elderly health, how to treat separation?

  Professor Zhao Zhifu of the Department of Physiology and Medicine of Guang’anmen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences told reporters that an old colleague of mine lived to write a thesis, divided his room, and suffered a heart attack late at night. When his wife discovered that the rescue time had been missed.

Therefore, for the elderly who do not live with their children, the health care between husband and wife is particularly important.

Because elderly people generally have chronic diseases such as cardio-cerebral vascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, bronchial rupture, emphysema, etc. In addition, the elderly feel sluggish and have poor reaction ability. They often get sick but cannot feel it, which leads to some important diseases.Signs are ignored.

In contrast, couples who have been together for decades have been able to detect subtle changes in each other’s physiology.

If you can find the clues of cardiovascular disease from back pain, and the precursor of cholecystitis from wound pain, this kind of “supervisor” cannot be replaced by others.

  Professor Zhao Zhifu believes that choosing a house for “cultivation” is completely unnecessary, because only by maintaining normal sex can “cultivation”.

Sexual desire has no age limit, and a harmonious sex life can make the couple “yin and yang balance, qi and blood reconcile”, delay the aging of tissues and organs, and help to recuperate and maintain health.

  At the same time, without work and social interaction, the elderly themselves have fewer opportunities for communication and are prone to loneliness. At this time, they need to communicate and communicate with each other and enlighten each other; while long-term separation, there is nowhere to tell, the badness in the heartEmotions can cause heart disease.

  There are indeed a lot of “wrongs” at older ages, less sleep, fear of loud noises, multiples of nights, loud snoring, and so on, but you can’t choose to live in separate rooms because of these external factors.

In fact, older friends should be considerate of each other and take other measures to deal with the “little things” in life, such as splitting beds and rooms, or sleeping upside down, and then “young couples come to stay together”.