[How to save fresh chicken]_How to save_Save method

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[How to save fresh chicken]_How to save_Save method

[How to save fresh chicken]_How to save_Save method

Many people like to go to the supermarket for shopping, and buy a lot of ingredients at one time, some fresh chicken, etc. This kind of food is best to be consumed at one time, otherwise it will easily deteriorate, and the human body will be susceptible to diseases.Mastering the correct storage method can prevent deterioration, but it is also not suitable for long-term storage, otherwise it will lead to the loss of chicken nutrition, so how to save fresh chicken?

First, how to preserve fresh chicken?

Keep refrigerated.

The temperature can be kept refrigerated for 3 months.

In the unfortunate event of power failure, you can also use plastic wrap to cover the chicken and prepare some ice cubes to spread around it.

For short-term storage of chicken, it is recommended that after chopping off the internal organs, do not wash and hang it in a ventilated place on the back of the sun to dry it for three days; or pour beer in the crisper or pour rice wine + salt in the crisperImmerse the chicken in the box and keep it in the refrigerator.

Second, cryopreservation.

Because chicken is too hydrated, it is prone to spoilage.

If you need continuous storage, it is recommended to wipe off the moisture on the surface of the chicken, remove the fascia from the chicken breast, wrap the chicken in plastic wrap to prevent skewers, and then place it in the freezer of the refrigerator.

Generally, it can be kept fresh for half a year.

Third, pickling.

This is the most traditional way to store chicken.

You can smear an appropriate amount of edible salt on the chicken to sterilize and sterilize the taste, but the amount of edible salt should not be too much but not too small.

If the temperature is high or the personal taste is heavy, it is recommended to put more extra.

After marinating for half a day, you can dry it.

How to save fresh chicken?

Vacuum processing.

After processing the chicken, wipe off the moisture on the surface of the chicken and do not cut into pieces.

Use a vacuum machine to put the chicken in a bag to evacuate and store it. Just store it in a cool and backlit place for short-term storage.

In addition, for processed chicken, refrigerated storage is the most correct way.

It is recommended to cut the cooked chicken into pieces and put them in a carton before putting them in the refrigerator.

Or the chicken can be frozen to achieve a good preservation effect.

When you take it out, it may not taste as good as before. At this time, you can pour a spoonful of hot oil on the surface of the chicken to restore the crispy texture of the chicken skin.