Parents do not want to commit suicide by killing children

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Parents do not want to commit suicide by killing children

Parents do not want to commit suicide by killing children

How to satisfy the child’s desire to speak?

Come with the advice of a language expert.

Listening with all your strength In your daily busyness, you don’t always have time to listen quietly to a child saying a syllable or a few words that seem to be meaningless, or to notice his story upside down!

And leisure time is different, you will spend more time with him.

He fumbled, and constantly tried to make more accurate syllables and better organize his sentences.

When your baby is babbling, you better sit next to him, don’t do anything else, and focus on him.

He needs an audience worth communicating.

Rich language “quick soap”!

“Put on your shoes!”

“” Pack your toys!

“In busy daily life, most of the time the words you use when speaking to your children are very direct commands.

Use this leisure time to enrich your language.

You can use prose-like language to describe where you are going, or describe the scenery you encounter on a walk.

Why not use the language your child is learning, and why say how you feel?

Your task-if you agree, turn yourself into a role model and discoverer of new words and beautiful sentences.

Logical sentence learning requires certain rules: the position of words in a sentence cannot be reversed casually, and there must be no association between words.

There are many ways for children to know this necessary logic.

For example, tell him the story of grandpa, grandma, aunt, and grandma, let him understand his connection with other people, or explain the process of change in nature: a seed, germination, then flowering, and finally fruit;Paragraph changes, and finally turned into butterflies.

Song or ballad song and ballad both use!

They are all good for children’s language development.

The structure of the lyrics and sentences in the song is conducive to enriching the child’s vocabulary. In addition, the tone of the song can strengthen the child’s memory.

Ballads are often loved by children for rhyming and catching the tongue.

Besides, what a joyous moment to sing or sing a ballad, make gestures, look at the eyes, smile at the smile!

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