Eating fish properly in autumn effectively prevents osteoporosis

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Eating fish properly in autumn effectively prevents osteoporosis

Eating fish properly in autumn effectively prevents osteoporosis

Although the trace content in fish meat is low, the fatty acids in it have been proven to have hypoglycemic, heart-protecting and anti-cancer effects.

Vitamin d, calcium and phosphorus in fish meat can effectively prevent osteoporosis.

  Chinese medicine believes that eating fish must be symptomatic, and eating “fish” symptomatically can its food and medical value become apparent.

The medicinal properties and therapeutic effects of the following three common fishes are for reference when choosing to eat.

  Sturgeon: Also known as sturgeon, it is warm and sweet.

Efficacy is diuretic swelling, nourishing qi and spleen, invigorating milk, clearing heat and detoxifying, etc. It treats edema of ascites, less maternal milk, stomach ptosis, prolapse of the anus, etc.

  Banded fish: It can supplement the five internal organs, expel wind, and kill insects. It is especially suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, and dry skin.

Targeting persistent hepatitis, adjuvant therapy for chronic hepatitis.

Eat strips of fish or moisturize the skin, keeping the skin preset and elastic.

  Herring: It has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing the stomach, dehumidifying and diversifying water, and removing wind and trouble.

Consumption can treat qi deficiency, fatigue, cold stomach pain, athlete’s foot, dampness, lung disease, headache and other symptoms.

Herring fish contains zinc, selenium, iron and other trace elements, as well as anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

  Carp: sweet and warm.

Diuretic swelling, qi and spleen, Tongmai under the milk effect.

Indications edema, breast milk failure, fetal gas is not long embolism.

  Grass carp: Also known as catfish, there are two kinds of green carp, white carp, warm and sweet, and have the effects of flat liver, expelling wind, active, paraplegia.

The ancients believed that the carp was thick and loose, and it was good for steaming and treating headaches due to deficiency.

  Loach: flat and sweet, with warming and nourishing qi, clearing urination, detoxifying and collecting hemorrhoids.

The loach is tender and has high nutritional value. Its slippery saliva has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Can cure hot and humid jaundice, unfavorable urination, night sweats and other symptoms.

  It should be noted that people with the following diseases should not eat more fish. These diseases are: patients with gout because of purine substances accumulated in the body, and gout is caused by disorders of digestion, absorption and metabolism in the human body; patients with bleeding disordersPatients with hemorrhagic diseases such as thrombocytopenia, hemophilia, and vitamin K deficiency should eat less or not fish, because the 20-carbon 5-enoic acid contained in fish meat can inhibit platelet aggregation, thereby aggravating bleeding in patients with hemorrhagic diseasesSymptoms: In patients with cirrhosis, it is difficult for the body to produce coagulation factors during liver cirrhosis. In addition, platelets are low, which can easily cause bleeding. If you store 20-carbon 5-enoic acid sardines, herrings, tuna, etc., the condition will worsen, as if worsening;If you take some nicotine when taking isonicotine, you may have allergic reactions, mild nausea, headache, skin flushing, conjunctival congestion, etc. In severe cases, palpitations, numbness of lips and facial swelling, rash, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dyspnea,Increased blood pressure, even hypertension crisis and cerebral hemorrhage, etc.