Middle-aged and elderly people love to dance square dance, remember 4 notes

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Middle-aged and elderly people love to dance square dance, remember 4 notes


Middle-aged and elderly people love to dance square dance, remember 4 notes

Square dance is so popular, almost all over the country, large and small provinces, cities, town squares, and even spread to Paris, France, after the Paris Square, some friends broke the news, the aunts have already fought to the Moscow Red Square, and attractedPolicemen.

The netizen couldn’t help but ridicule: “Aunt, are the next stop, the White House or Mars?”

The red fire of the square dance, the carnival of the aunts, also caused the deafening music to seriously disturb the people, and dancing late at night affects the social security problems of other citizens.

The people in all parts of the country generally canceled the square dance. The square dance was unable to cancel the situation of the aunts. Finally, the aunts consciously exercised their self-discipline and controlled the time of the square dance before 9:00.

銆€銆€Why is square dance so popular?

銆€銆€As the saying goes, “satisfaction and lust”, China, decades ago, is in an era of food and clothing. The middle-aged and elderly people who grew up in the 40s and 50s have no more time and energy to explore their own preferences.The square dance, which is universal, simple, and easy to learn, becomes a good choice for aunts.

銆€銆€1. Behind the fiery square dance, there is a hidden loneliness and desire for communication and companionship among the middle-aged and elderly people.

銆€銆€To a certain extent, in the mid- and long-term of these hopping square dances, there is a widespread lack of soul.

Nowadays, the generation of people in their 50s and 60s has caught up with the “going to the mountains and going to the countryside” and catching up with the laid-off and re-employment. This special era has led many of them to retire early, and most of their children are “drifting” in big cities.Many families have an “empty nest” phenomenon, and relying solely on limited emotional communication at home is difficult to resolve loneliness.

Moreover, modern interpersonal relationships are indifferent, especially in the city, when everyone closes the door, no one knows who.

However, people have been social animals since ancient times, and the square dance has provided a platform for middle-aged and elderly people in a new form.

銆€銆€2, dancing can not only move the body, but also relieve the mood, but also enhance personal temperament, square dance movement is simple, the amount of activity is large, easy to learn and adhere.

When dancing, people’s attention will be concentrated on the music, and the rhythm will be combined into the dance, which will release the uncomfortable and depressed inside, and have the dual effects of healthy body and mind.

銆€銆€3, square dance also meets the needs of middle-aged and old people who like to talk about the short-term needs of parents 4, personal preferences are missing.

銆€銆€Things to pay attention to when the old man dances in the square dance can’t dance immediately after dinner.

Many people are used to going out to dance immediately after dinner. This is not right.

It is not advisable to eat a lot of food 30 minutes before dancing, but it can’t be fasted.

In addition, warm up before dancing, you can press the leg, press the key, squeeze, simple bounce, etc., 5?
10 minutes, or a slight sweating of the body.

銆€銆€Do not wear hard bottom shoes, slippers, tights.

Hard bottom shoes have poor elasticity, and the ground reaction is large, which is easy to injure the calf tendon and joint tissues.

You should wear loose, sweat-absorbent cotton pants to ensure smooth blood flow to the limbs, as well as cushioned shoes and sneakers that are soft and fit.

銆€銆€Choose the right dance to avoid too long or too intense.

Don’t be too blind to choose square dance. To understand your physical condition, it is suitable for some kind of dance, and you should not blindly follow suit.

Especially for the elderly, it is best to measure blood pressure and pulse, even if the blood pressure is in the normal range, but also to avoid street dance, disco and other difficulties to penetrate or dance for more than 2 hours.

銆€銆€Choose a location, preferably grass or sand.

Too many communities have fixed training places for square dances, so it is better to participate in the neighborhood without having to travel long distances across the community.

However, there are many dust and car exhaust (including many carcinogens) on the driveway; cement or tile on the roadside or park is too hard, which may cause certain damage to the joints, and should not be used as a sports place.

It is best to choose a wide open field, fresh air or soft sand, and try to avoid the wind.