Antioxidant Collection for Professional Women’s Skin

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Antioxidant Collection for Professional Women’s Skin


Antioxidant Collection for Professional Women’s Skin

Sun rays, dust pollution, and gorgeous make-up. These seemingly ordinary details permeated in life are the culprits that make skin oxidize, and oxidation is the initiator of accelerating aging!

  For the OFFICELADY who is as beautiful as gold, of course, they will not ignore these beautiful killers, so they often take such unrealistic ideas, hoping that they can eliminate the solid antioxidant mask life every day, so that they can be beautiful young women., Rest assured on the aging slow road.

  Oxidation killer blacklist leader hand: more and more thin atmosphere let go: UV oxidation index: ***** Reason analysis: Maybe it is artificial, or it may be the power of nature. The increasingly thin atmosphere does make us face ultraviolet rays every day.More intense.

Ultraviolet light is the killer leader that oxidizes the skin. It can easily destroy any young and tender skin tissue, quickly oxidize and intensify it. The cruelty can be described as killing blood.

  Top killer: letting go of the increasingly harsh natural environment: radiation and pollution oxidation index: ***** Cause analysis: The deterioration of the environment is something we can’t but can’t do every day because, every day, our skin and skin must firstly interact with the surrounding environmentIn contact, they are the first to be affected by the environment.

Now, the destruction of the ozone layer, the sunspot irradiation, the continuous loss of soil and water, the exhaust of automobile exhaust, the inescapable air-conditioning environment, the frequent use of computers and photocopiers-all these tell us the fact that our skin is facing every dayMay grow old.

  Lurking killer: Personalized irregular life let go: Damage to the health oxidation index: **** Cause analysis: This is a killer lurking near you, you know it but you don’t want to work hard to clear them.

Irregular life, including imbalanced diet and abnormal rest time, both points will oxidize the skin and promote the skin to enter the aging stage in advance.

Busy work during the day has left the nerves and skin in a highly stressed state, and at night, if you continue to work or perform excessive night life, your skin will not get the proper rest. The consequences are serious.

In addition, diet is also an important factor affecting the degree of skin aging. Imbalanced, unreasonable diet, drinking alcohol, and smoking are not good for your health, nor can you provide sufficient nutrition for skin growth. In the long run, it will cause skin variousMuscles can oxidize and even prematurely age.

  Stealth Killer: Overwhelming Survival Stress: Disruption of Emotional Oxidation Index: *** Cause Analysis: Stress once or twice is nothing, but over time, it will accelerate the skin oxidation process.

Living in a rapidly developing society, we often have to bear the pressure from all aspects of work, life, relationships, family and other aspects. You ca n’t see them, and this invisible killer brings you physical and mental aspects.Fatigue, at the same time, there is a very important point-the skin is accelerated oxidation.

  Camouflage Killer: Hidden Killer Makeup Products: Chemical Oxidation Index: **** Cause Analysis: This is a clever killer who mixes into our lives after camouflage.

The temptation of beauty is irresistible to any woman, so a variety of cosmetics are born in front of us every day.

True, a good cosmetic can provide skin with a variety of nutrients, make the skin whiter, tenderer and younger, but there are also many fisheye mixes among them.

Make-up that is too thick for a long time, or use skin care products that contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the human body, will irritate the skin and accelerate the skin’s oxidation process.

  Innocent Killer: Letting it dry in dry climates: Limiting the moisture supply oxidation index: *** Cause analysis: Living in a dry climate city is really annoying, but there is no way, moisture is an important guarantee for young skin.Dry skin is easily oxidized by dry air.

According to expert research, the amount of skin in the stratum corneum of women is less than 10% and the stratum corneum in the skin is less than 60%, which will cause skin relaxation and wrinkles due to lack of water, and dry skin is more fragile and cannot resist any oxidationKiller invasion.

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  3. Location photography staff.

  Skin characteristics: The skin has long sun exposure, darker skin tone, and obvious or insignificant pigmentation.

Fine lines on the forehead of the eyes.

  Anti-oxidation Keywords: sun protection, isolation of ultraviolet rays and air pollutants, and good repair after sun exposure.

  * The sun protection index must be proper: sunscreens with a sun protection index of 15 or more can effectively protect against ultraviolet rays. Sunscreens should be reapplied every two or three hours.

  * The layer-by-layer fortification effect is better: if it is to resist the oxidizing power of ultraviolet rays when the sun is violent, you cannot rely on a sunscreen alone. From basic makeup, primer (including sunscreen), powder to powder, you must haveSun protection effect.

Compared with one-layer protection, two-layer and three-layer protection measures will be more effective in blocking the invasion of ultraviolet rays.

  * Protecting the eyes and lips is also important: the eyes and lips are actually very fragile. In the summer, gently apply protective equipment on the lips to reduce the occurrence of aging of the lips.

Like the eyes, it is also the focus of sun protection. It is necessary to replace high-quality sun eye cream.

  * Enhance basic maintenance: daily basic washing work such as face washing and convergence must not be neglected, especially for cleaning work. Use special makeup removers every night to remove the dirt accumulated on the face in order to keep the skin from oxidizing.

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  Skin characteristics: Because of insufficient sleep for a long time, it will lead to excessive fatigue of the skin and decrease in moisture and elasticity. At the same time, dark circles and bags under the eyes will also appear on the skin.

  Anti-oxidant keywords: Adjust your work and rest habits and strengthen tired skin care.

  * Enhance bedtime maintenance: Never have a bed at night, and do a good job of cleaning to avoid wrinkle removal makeup, so that the skin cannot really rest during the short sleep time.   * Do a good job in moisturizing: Only by keeping the skin more hydrated at all times can it delay skin aging.

  * Regularly do professional facial treatments, using soft mask with high moisturizing and moisturizing to make the skin rejuvenate.

  * Improve sleep quality: Since it is not possible to extend sleep time, try to sleep better in a limited time, especially from 12 to 2 in the night, this is the best time for body and skin metabolism, not to be missed.

  * Soft skin cream massage: Frequently use a massage cream with aroma effect or containing green tea ingredients for proper and proper massage, which can reduce skin fatigue, promote blood circulation, and reduce skin vitality. It is a step that must not be omitted during maintenance.

  Super computer family professional representatives: 1, office staff, secretary.

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  Skin characteristics: Because it is resistant to the face of modern office equipment such as computers Anti-oxidant Keywords: daily isolation products, strengthen eye care.

  ● Understand basic isolation: Do not think that you can omit the procedure of isolation cream every day without going out, in order to minimize the oxidative attack of the skin on the computer, an isolation cream with anti-radiation effect is essential.

  ● Pay attention to eye care: Use eye protection gel containing chamomile, green tea and cucumber, and use eye mask once a week.

In addition, more massage on the eyes can improve blood circulation, eliminate eye fatigue, reduce pigmentation, but do not use excessive force, so as not to be counterproductive and make eye muscles droop.

  ● Pay attention to skin cleansing: clean the skin immediately after using the computer, it is best to use anti-radiation cleansing facial milk.

  ● Drink more green tea or water: eat more fruits and vegetables containing antioxidant and anti-radiation effects, animal liver, and ingest sufficient vitamins to protect the skin and eyesight.

  4 categories of anti-oxidant foods list Basic antioxidant elements: Vitamins represent foods: Various vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits The effects of various vitamins on the body and skin are very amazing. Pay attention to vitamin intake in your daily dietThe amount and type of intake, to achieve dietary transformation and scientific, such as vitamin C, E and β-carotene, have a strong effect on skin antioxidant.

  Elder-type antioxidant elements: Antioxidant mineral flavonoids are antioxidants that are currently enthusiastic for beauty science research. It has more than 2,000 species and is commonly found in plants. Its chemical structure has an ideal structure for scavenging free radicals.Scientific research shows that the total antioxidant activity and expected source of flavonoids have stronger antioxidant activity compared to vitamins C and E, and the mineral selenium is an important component of antioxidant enzymes.

  Rookie antioxidants: Phytonutrients represent food: barley, wheat germ, corn seeds, phytonutrients have also been found by scientists to have excellent antioxidant functions, such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, lycopene and zeaxQuality, etc., the more prominent is carotenoids.

Carotenoids are a kind of plant pigment, usually combined with lipoproteins in human blood, which can prevent the destruction of free radicals. For example, zeaxanthin (zeaxanthin) has a strong antioxidant activity.

  Types of beverages Antioxidant elements: a variety of beverages represent food: green tea, milk, red wine, water are all readily available beverages, because it is easier to drink than to eat, so often deliberately let yourself take more,It is a very effective anti-oxidation method.