Fruit acid rejuvenation vitamin sequelae of sun exposure

13 Jan by admin

Fruit acid rejuvenation vitamin sequelae of sun exposure

Fruit acid rejuvenation vitamin sequelae of sun exposure

The sequelae of sun exposure should be said to have been disturbing urban women because we cannot avoid the ubiquitous ultraviolet rays.

Regular skin rejuvenation treatments can effectively solve many injuries that exist on the surface of the skin.

It sounds scary, but there are just some people’s misunderstandings about “acid”. Good doctors will choose the right fruit acid component according to skin quality, condition and needs, adjust the concentration of fruit acid, and the most important thing is the replacement acid component.Generally quite mild.

  Need to know: ● The skin after rejuvenation will be more sensitive, and it will take about 4 days to return to normal. At this time, stop the daily care procedures and makeup, strengthen the moisturizing, and use the moisturizing mask at least three times a week.

  ● Do not use scrubs to remove dead skin from the previous week, and avoid exposing facial hair.

  ● After rejuvenating, wash your face with cold water, do not apply hot, avoid sun and wind.

  1 Chantecaille Revitalizing Mask (HK $ 820 / 50m) selected premium fruit acids such as grapefruit and sucrose to soften the cuticles gently. In order to ensure the safe use of fruit acids, hibiscus flowers with special release propertiesAcid, slows down the skin irritation caused by acid, and can safely rejuvenate at home.

  2 Freeplus Soothing Spray Mini Pack (68 yuan / 50g) Soothing spray without preservatives and fragrances, which calms the skin quickly, and the mini package is also very portable.

  3 L’Occitane Shea Butter Soothing Mask (New Product / 75ml) 10% Highly Concentrated Shea Butter, Organic Cotton Extract and Licorice Essence, make skin moisturized and softer than ever.

Effectively reduce redness and swelling without washing, just wipe off.