Don’t feed your child with a poor appetite

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Don’t feed your child with a poor appetite

Don’t feed your child with a poor appetite

Too many parents have such troubles, why does my child always grow fat?

I have a bad appetite. I have to chase after my child to eat, or my body is lean and thin, and I have a fever and a cold with a little wind and grass. How many tonics or so-called turn bone recipes are eaten, but my height is always the last few in the class?

  Clinically, if children have picky eaters, poor appetite, indigestion, bloating and constipation, they have stunted development, lack of concentration, and are prone to colds compared with those of the same age. Most of them are related to the “spleen and stomach” (the digestive system in modern medicine).Have a close relationship.

  Chinese medicine believes that children’s spleen and stomach are not perfect, their digestive and absorption functions are not good, and they show the physiological characteristics of “spleen deficiency”. In shallow words, it means “the stomach is weak”.

Based on this physiological basis, coupled with children’s poor adaptability to external cold and warmth, uncontrolled diet, blind eating of grilled, fried, spicy, hot, baked foods, or excessive drinking of sweet and thick flavors, cold drinks, or parental love,Develop a habit of partial eclipse, which will cause symptoms such as cold easily and poor appetite in the long run.

If the parents give too many supplements to their children at this time, under the condition of poor gastrointestinal absorption function, it will increase the gastrointestinal burden in vain and will not help.

  In outpatients, for these patients, traditional Chinese medicines are mainly used to regulate the spleen and stomach, which can be divided into the following types of symptoms: spleen loss of health: most patients are less complex, do not think about eating, or eat without taste, eat more, and after eating, they willNausea, vomiting, flatulence; thin body, generally no special abnormalities in mental state, and normal stool.

  Stagnation of the spleen: love to eat high metabolism, high fat foods, food lack of fiber, often abdominal pain, bloating refuse to press, do not think about diet, lack of energy, constipation or stool like stool.

In addition to conventional prescriptions for such patients in clinical practice, traditional Chinese medicines such as konjac, hawthorn, chicken gold, malt, gluten, yam, etc. will be exacerbated.

  Insufficient stomach yin or hot stomach: Patients often drink dry mouth and drink more, but do not like to eat, but they prefer cold drinks, tongue coatings are more common, skin peeling, tongue redness, dry skin, dry stools.

The prescription is mainly based on Yangwei Zengye Decoction.

  Spleen and stomach qi deficiency: Patients are generally inferior in spirit, often with a look of insufficiency, paleness, thin body, stools with undigested residues or incomplete stools, sweating easily, pale tongue, and thin white fur.

Most of these symptoms are those with a long course of disease, and clinical use of Shenling Baizhu Powder is commonly used.

  Some of the above symptoms are only broadly classified. Due to the complex modern life styles, each family has different dietary habits and daily routines. Most of the “mixed” patients are clinically diagnosed. It is best to be diagnosed by a professional doctor. Spleen and stomach are necessary.Problems, thus replacing the appropriate medicine, do not blindly take supplements, or the so-called Zhuanfang.

  In fact, the child is the mirror of the parents. In the clinic, I often hear that parents will restrict their children to eat junk food or set correct dietary habits, but they cannot lead by example or do not last long. These will virtually affect the child’s future diet.Habits and health.