Eye protection common sense: eyes need vacation

12 Jan by admin

Eye protection common sense: eyes need vacation

Eye protection common sense: eyes need vacation

“Sour, astringent, pain, bloating”, this is your eyes protesting to you.

If you continue to overuse your eyes, your vision will decrease and your discomfort will become more severe.

  The best way to relieve eye fatigue is to rest your eyes.

Here are some simple and easy eye protection methods, everyone may wish to try.

  Cultivation: usually pay attention to balanced supplementation, to achieve the thickness and thickness, meat and vegetables to ensure the supplement of trace elements and vitamins, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and seafood, eat less candy and sweets.

  Extreme eyes: In the fresh air in the morning, in the natural world, both eyes first look at a distant target, and then slowly replace the sight. When the distance is 35 cm from the eye, the sight is shifted from near to far to the original target.

Repeating this several times, and then performing deep breathing exercises, has certain benefits in regulating eye function.

  Ironing: Every morning or before bedtime, take a sitting or standing position, close your eyes, quickly rub your palms with hot hair, and then quickly touch your eyes, then the eyes will feel a little warm.

Repeated several times in this way can improve the blood circulation of the eye by activating the channels.

  Bath item: bathe eyes with hot water, hot towel or steam, 1 day?
2 times, about 5 minutes each.

It can also be combined with washing your face and drinking hot water, or you can fry the Chinese herbal medicine such as chrysanthemum and bamboo leaves separately, and smoke the eyes while it is hot. After the temperature of the water, wash your eyes with the medicine.

  Eye movement: aim at the front of the window, and look at the top, bottom, left, and right corners of the window in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction in order to relax the energy, run the eyeballs, improve vision, do 5 each morning and evening?
10 minutes.

  Supplementary Eyes: Chinese medicine believes that the liver is open to the eye, and the liver can be seen with blood. Animal eyes can be used to fill the eyes, and dirty to fill the viscera.Pig liver, stewed animal eyes, lean meat stewed pig eyes, shiitake fish head, etc., can be eaten often.